Color Center Spin company

Color match is no longer a problem

Summer of 2011th was the foundation of Spin company color center , where our experts for color matching do their best to solve all the problems related to this important segment of refinish business .

We are fully aware that the fleet in our country is rather old. The sales of the new cars is unfortunately not significant, and used cars from imports are our reality, with one huge problem- a great deal of those cars were already damaged and cured, with variety of materials. This leads to problems in determining the shades, because the paint on those cars is often very different from the originals.

That was the main reason to form a Color center, in which experts for color matching take advantage of all the knowledge , experience and advanced tools such are ColorQuick ® , ColorNet ® and ChromaVision ®, in order to help you find an appropriate solution. Another big advantage of this module is the fact that our specialists use a database of hundreds of personal formulations . Many of those formulations refer to Yugo/ Zastava and Fiat , big systems that used our materials for refinishing of minor damages on the newly produced cars in the factory . Also, we have a remarkably large database of formulations of Asian vehicles , popular in our region.

Color center operates in the way that after obtaining the color sample colorist determinates the color, makes necessary adjustments if needed , makes test card and creates personal formulation . The customer receives the personal formulation that can be used by tools such are ColorQuick ® or ColorNet ®, and the sample card to be placed in the fan deck . If you prefer , you can obtain the color at the same conditions as with the regular purchase of mixing components in the quantity you need .

We invite you to actively use the new tool to determine the color - our Color Center!