Our company was founded in 1991 , and the since the establishment of the company , our main business orientation were autorefinish and industrial paints . As the company grew , in 1996 we became the exclusive importer and distributor of Mobihel , auto refinish section of Slovenian company Helios for Serbia.

A major step forward in the development of the company was to obtain exclusive rights to distribute DuPont Refinish Materials (now Cromax) for Serbia and Montenegro in 1999, and for Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2011 . In the past 15 years , we have developed a respectable network of mix machines installed in the workshops , as well as in retail stores specializing in auto paint. With hard work and brand awareness another giant step in promotion of the brand was opening of Cromax Regiaonal Training Center for Ex-Yugoslavia and Bulgaria in 2008. We have achieved another important goal - a large number of painters who use competing materials now think of Cromax materials when they make plans for future development.

Since the beginning of 2005 , we became the exclusive importer of German car refinish brand Mipa for Serbia ( and Kosovo) , Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania . Because of the best value-for-money ratio in the economy segment of the market of refinish paints and related materials , Mipa products are now among the leading products in the region .

In the segment of the spraybooths , Spin Company is a partner of the Greek company Constanteloss and their brand FEA . Booths and equipment are in accordance with EU standards regarding environment protection.

Spin company is one of the distributors of 3M East AG for Serbia and Montenegro , and the exclusive supplier of automotive 3M material for Fiat Automobiles Serbia . We want to emphasize that all trainees at our Cromax regional training center work with 3M materials – from sanding process to polishing and persobnal protection .

Since the beginning of March 2009 , Spin Company is distributor of prematerials of the Spanish company Roberlo for Serbia and Montenegro. This company is a one of the leaders in production of putties , primers and clears in Europe. Similar to Mipa, Roberlo products offer good ratio between price and quality.

Since June 2013 Spin company is the exclusive importer and distributor of Indasa abrasives. This well known brand from Portugal offers variety of products in different qualities for every bodyshop.

Finally , a very important segment of our business are industrial paints for wood and metal. In the segment of anti corrosive protection,we offer products from Mipa and Henelit . Color systems and paint qualities that we recommend meet the needs of end users in this highly demanding market . This segment is the main activity of our daughter company Alfa color.

Concerning wood paint, Spin company is the distributor of Polistuc-Sirca products for Serbia and Montenegro. The product range is capable of satisfying any wood painting, protection, varnishing and lacwuering requirement by every known application technology, from the brush to sophisticated line for water-based UV varnishes.

All products we offer can be purchased in our distribution centers in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

See you in a Spin company because PROFESSIONALS VARY!