SPIN Company is a distributor of WALMEC products, which include paint spray guns and a wide range of products for professionals. Walmec S.p.a. was created in Italy by merging three famous companies with 60 years of experience in the production of spray guns and other specialized products. It specializes in the production and trade of spray guns, couplings, connectors and filters. 98% of the products are of Italian origin, where production uses highly sophisticated numerical control of mechanics which guarantees high product quality and constant improvement of both professional the skills of workers and the choice of suppliers and intermediaries.

Our range of WALMEC programs include:

  • Pistols for applying protective coatings
  • Pistols for applying primers and fillers for wood and metal
  • Pistols for sealing compounds and silicones
  • Pistols for blowing out
  • HVLP and LVLP pistols for application of base coatings
  • Pistols for applying varnish
  • Pressure regulators
  • Filters, silica gel and preparation group
  • Connectors and connectors

They are characterized by maximum working speed, optimized and efficient transmission, perfect results. They are easy to service.

We are pleased to say that WALMEC products have taken an enviable position both in the European market and in the Serbian market, both with excellent quality and competitive prices.

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