The company Roberlo was established in 1968 and specializes in the development and production of chemical products for the repair and maintenance of cars. They have modern plants with advanced control system, fully automated production and storage, laboratories dedicated exclusively to development and research, as well as a modern equipped training center.

Since 1997, Roberto has an ISO 9001 certificate that guarantees the quality of the production process. Today, the environmental protection system based on the ISO 14001 standard has been implemented. The company Roberlo ranks among the 5 most important European companies dedicated to the production of chemical products for auto-treatment and are commercially present in more than 65 countries. The central office is located in Girona, Spain, and distribution is done through more than 4 subsidiaries in the company.

Winning and maintaining your trust is our most important goal. And we believe that the best way to do this is to offer you exceptional products and even better service by a highly professional and motivated team of employees.

We do everything possible to find the right solutions, we ourselves engage in your projects to make them our own and we visit each of our markets so that we can understand them and adapt to them.

We are passionate about our work and look into the future with enthusiasm. Based on this fact, it is easier to cope with new challenges. We try to understand your needs and look for all that makes your work easier, and we sincerely believe that we can achieve this goal.

We have many years of experience in providing exceptional support for professional users, yet we still look to the future with the enthusiasm of the child. And now, moving forward, all we need is to continue counting on you, as we have done so far. This trust has made Roberto what he is today, and we intend to work to keep this trust.

This is why Roberto has always accepted new opportunities offered by new technologies. During all these years, we have upgraded our facilities, so today we have four production centers, fully equipped with a small masterpiece of technology and strategically positioned around the world, so that they can meet all our markets.

Logistics is also a key feature of our plant. Providing efficient, fast service is a priority for our team.

We are sure that investing in technology and new facilities is directly beneficial to you as a consumer, and we intend to continue to work in that direction.

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