MIPA AG was founded in 1948 by Paul Mittermayer, Paul Mittermayer GmbH, Lack- und Farbenfabrik in Landshut. After a continuous expansion at our location in Landshut, 1995, we moved to our present headquarters in Essenbach, located not far from Landshut, about 10 km away.

During 2001, the name of the company was changed to MIPA AG. The company continues to exist as a shareholding company owned by a family without quotation on the stock exchange. Since 2003, Streicolor AG, Frauenfeld / Switzerland has become the second production facility, which is also part of the MIPA AG Group. Due to the acquisition of Henelit GmbH in January 2008, an additional production facility is located in Villach, Austria.

We concentrated our production in the first years on the following product:

  • fast-moving color
  • oily color
  • oil whales

Our range of products and product groups today includes the following:

  • auto refinishing colors
  • systems for paint and varnishing
  • industrial colors
  • wood protection and impregnation
  • wall and facade paint
  • polyester gits / fillers
  • paste systems

The rapid increase in traffic over recent years is the result of our product range that is constantly in line with market demands, constant and new, further development of our products, as well as the demands of end users for precisely integrated products, from packaging design to international markings. In addition to our own products, sold under the protected MIPA, Pro Mix and RELO logo, we also sell goods from other manufacturers mainly through our specialized retail stores in Landshut, Regensburg, Erding, Degendorf and Augsburg.

MIPA AG is today a shareholder in the following companies:

  • Mipa AG, Switzerland
  • Mipa Niederlande B.V. , Netherlands
  • Mipa Paints Ltd, England
  • Mipa Coatings Kft. , Hungary
  • Mipa Color Kft. , Hungary
  • Mipa Autolack s.r.o, Slovak Republic

The number of employees increased between 1988 and 2008, by more than 500%, from 40 employees in 1988, to around 460 today. This figure consists of staff in administration, laboratories, production and storage in Essenbach, as well as employees in specialized stores. MIPA Group companies employ approximately 900 people around the world.

The range of customers with whom MIPA AG works together includes specialized stores and professional users in the trade and industry. All in all, we supply 5,000 customers in 75 countries at this time.

The share of exports in the company's turnover is currently around 60%. Procurement of raw materials and shops is done, 90% in Germany.

MIPA AG is named Professional Coating Systems. In response to this leitmotiv we develop, produce and sell coatings with the main focus on color and varnishes.

Our products are always tied to the system. We are not satisfied with the simple offer of one product to our customers and we take care of our customers at all stages of the coloring process. In addition, we offer different products as a supplement or combination, compared to the main product. Most of our products have a consistently high quality, numerous color variations and gloss levels, which can be produced using the tinting system.

The customer, which is the ultimate goal of our MIPA products, is a professional lacquer present in the trade and industry. We have submitted our quality, information and logistics for this clientele. In this way, we work closely with our trading and commercial partners, who also supply the same type of customers.

MIPA AG is a worldwide-active company with partners for a partnership that welcomes knowledge sharing. We are a partner to our customers, and our customers are our partners in the continuous improvement of our products.

Even more than prescribing legal conditions, Mipa emphasizes in the development, production and commercialization of our products, which is important for the protection of the environment and natural resources. The main emphasis lies in the protection of colored objects, as well as the use of organic raw materials and paint systems.

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