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At the beginning of 2007 SPIN Company became an importer of the FEA lacquer chamber for the Greek company Constanteloss bros. which covers about 70% of the Greek market, and is also present in Russia, Macedonia, Cyprus and the Middle East. We offer extremely functional paint finishing chambers length 6m, 6.60m and 7m, with aggregates of different power, quality lighting and final production.

The buyer can also choose whether he wants a chamber with or without a metal base, and as options we also offer the dimensions of the chamber according to the customer's wishes, additional lighting, under the chamber completely covered with gratings ... simply everything that facilitates the work of the chamber in the chamber, a pleasure.

When designing the chamber, parts and materials of renowned brands such as Schneider Electric, Motive, Viledon (filters), Philips (lamps) are used, which guarantees the quality of the building and the functionality of the chamber.

A special convenience when purchasing a chamber is that with the installation of the DuPont mix system, the customer receives the assembly of the selected chamber GRATIS.

At the end of January 2013, we installed two FEA chambers in Fiat Automobiles Serbia. You can see the pictures in the gallery !!!

We are at your disposal for all detailed explanations and offers.

Official Site: www.feaspraybooth.gr

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