Since 1999, SPIN Company is the general importer and distributor of products for the production of the reputable world company Cromax (formerly DuPont refinish).

The Axalta Group, which is a member and Cromax (along with Standox and Spies Hecker), is the world leader in automotive refinishing products. The advantage of mixing the system on the basis of organic solvents Centara and Imron is that in one mix machine you can work a few quality, acrylic, metallic and polyurethane using the same paste, whereby only the type of bonding resin is changed. In this way, the customer receives multiple savings because he does not invest in more mix machines and systems, which competing companies can not offer.

Our organic solvent based offerings include:

  • Classic two-component acrylic Centara ® 500
  • Ultra high solid acrylic Centari® 5035
  • Classic metallic system Centari® 600
  • Centri® 6000 high metallic system
  • Polyurethane Imron 700 ® (truck program)

Also, there is a wide range of medium solid, high solid and ultra high solid lacquers, high solid primer, special solvents for all temperature conditions, metal whales and other sub-materials. In particular, the ValueShade® system should be emphasized, which is applied in transparent colors, and whose essence is the application of seven shades of primer in order to reduce the thickness of a dry finishing film and better coverage. All of these products are manufactured according to the highest ecological standards regarding emissions of harmful substances, and in this sense these are the systems of the future. Cost savings, time spent and total repair costs which are achieved using high-harden high solid materials Cromax are without competition.

Water-based paint system as a solvent Cromax ®

The future becomes available

Cromax is one of the leading manufacturers of water-based paints in terms of productivity, speed, inventory management and color management. Cromax ® is a system of the future, and represents an advanced system for color-based car finishing based on concentrated pastes and a water-based binder.

The Cromax® system is designed in full compliance with current and future European environmental regulations and combines environmental standards, excellent quality, high productivity, ease of use, precision shades and outstanding resistance to mechanical damage. Therefore, select Cromax ® today and be one step ahead of others.


The Cromax® system is equivalent to traditional organic solvent based coatings.

  • The color is ready for use immediately after preparation according to the formula - no additional additives or demineralized water.
  • Using advanced tools such as ColorQuick ™ Pro, ColorNet Pro and Chromavision ™ offers superior precision.
  • Drying speed - due to wet-on-wet application, there is no long-term drying and waiting, and with the use of an accelerated airflow system, the drying time is further reduced.
  • Substrate selection - using the ValueShade® system and the appropriate substrate you get directly in the formula, it ensures precision of the shade and optimum coverage with minimal material consumption.
  • Excellent coverage with low consumption - the number of layers in the Cromax® system is usually 1.5 to 2 in the wet-to-wet system
  • Easy to operate - even painters who first meet with this system are unanimous are judged to be very easy to operate and do not lose any of their characteristics

The technology of the future is here next to you. Do not let others beat you !!!

Recipes, technical and safety sheets can be downloaded here

Universal mix system based on the organic solvent Centari®

One system - unlimited possibilities

All benefits of Centari® system mix:

The secret is in simplicity - use a binder. The Centari® system is multifunctional and easy to use. By combining concentrated pigments and binders you can make color as high as 5, suitable for all types of repairs and exploitation. The advantage of the system lies in the fact that the same concentrated paste is used for acrylic, metallic, pearl, xiralic and polyurethane colors, and the type of color depends on the binder you use. This unique approach facilitates operation and application, and greatly reduces the possibility of error as well as inventory costs. Centari® MIX system is designed for a wide range of customers, from small service to dealer networks, because it offers highly productive solutions to the speed of work, coverage, accuracy of the nuance, persistence and price-quality ratio.

Make a choice depending on your needs:

Classical base Centari® 600

  • A classic organic system based on organic solvents
  • It is used for solid, metallic, pearl and xiral shades
  • The AB150 / AB160 binders and MasterTints® universal concentrated pigments are used
  • Easy and easy to use
  • Suitable for all types of repairs
  • Quick drying
  • Precise shades
  • Good covering power (6-8 M2 / L)
Excellent price / quality ratio!

Centara® 6000 high-rise base system

  • Best base system based on organic solvents of high hardness
  • It is used for solid, metallic, pearl and xiral shades
  • Binders XB155 / XB165 and universal concentrated pigments MasterTints® are used
  • Excellent cover power (12-16 M2 / L)
  • Stable and easy to use
  • Excellent final look
  • Unparalleled precision shades
  • High speed operation (1.5 layer, drying between layers 1-2 minutes)
  • Compatible with anti-chip activator BK220 which improves the resistance to mechanical damage to the base
The choice of professionals for which time is spent - money!

Recipes, technical and safety sheets can be downloaded here

All DuPont refinish systems feature high precision shades that are the result of investing in advanced color-coding systems, such as ColorQuick ™ Pro solutions and ColorNet® Pro specifically, which also offers inventory management, color ordering, assignment of rights to use different Types of users (from managers to toners) ... The ChromaVision® spectrophotometer device for the precise determination of the nuance is the special place among the color rendering tools, using the ColorQuick ™ Pro and ColorNet® Pro programs to measure the results obtained by measuring.

ChromaVision® Pro is a stand-alone, lightweight and easy-to-use spectrophotometer that can be used wherever needed and can store up to 999 measurements. For the measurement analysis, the program uses ColorQuick ™ Pro or ColorNet® Pro and the resulting formula will be the closest approach to the sample tint to be measured. If necessary, the program can generate electronic corrections to find the formula even closer to the desired color.

Save the time you spend on looking for a color. ChromaVision® has a built-in light source, which does not require the car to be exposed to the sun for visual color control. The device has high accuracy, which reduces the number of testing-spraying and thus shortens the color selection time. Simply connect to ColorQuick ™ Pro or ColorNet® Pro, follow the electronic corrections, and the formula you get from ChromaVision® can be sent to the balance!

High performance - higher productivity and higher revenue. ChromaVision® is an investment that will quickly pay off through profits.


  • The most accurate color matching tool
  • Compact equipment with built-in light source
  • A comprehensive database of recipes
  • Ability to electronically correct the formula
  • Measure almost all kinds of colors
  • Works with all Cromax and Centara systems
  • Simple design and simple user software
  • Compact and lightweight spectrophotometer


  • Saves the time, eliminating possible discrepancies in the nuances
  • Ability to use a spectrophotometer, where necessary, regardless of lighting
  • Access to the most comprehensive databases of shades
  • The most accurate reproduction of the color formula
  • Measurement of color for each specific vehicle
  • Low maintenance requirements and ease of use

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