3M is one of the world's leading manufacturers of conglomerates, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

There are almost no offices, factories, hospitals or automobile workshops where the company's products are not present, as compared to leading corporations, it has one of the most extensive and diversified production programs, based on several hundred technologies, the inventive spirit and the culture of problem solving.

Professionals and enthusiasts around the world use hundreds of 3M products that are used in production, designing safety systems, repairs and maintenance of cars, including engine cleaning, sound insulation, protective films, polishing, adhesives and abrasives for finishing and lacquering and filtering systems.

A strong technological base of 34 technology platforms provides a wide range of products for auto-reparation, which has more than 700 products, classified in several categories:

  • sanding materials
  • protective coatings and sealants
  • adhesives and replacement of windscreens
  • repair of plastic
  • protective tape
  • protective masks and hearing protection
  • color mixing systems

With such a wide array of products, it is logical to assume that anyone who carries out car repairs at least once came into contact with products that do not have a bow with their quality and reliability, produced by 3M. Knowing it is In the development of new technologies, 3M invests more than one billion dollars a year, the number of products on offer is increasing every day. If you thought some programs represented a distant future, check, you may order them today!

Official Site: www.3mbodyshop.co.uk

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