Since the founding of 1979, INDASA has developed into one of the leading European manufacturers of abrasive materials. Located in Aveiro, Portugal, INDASA made over the years invested considerable resources in the production facility, which makes it one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. The INDASA Group now has 7 fully-owned subsidiaries in the UK, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil and the United States, with export markets in more than 100 countries around the world.

The basis of business is the ability to offer specific solutions for vehicle finishing to the market using innovative high quality abrasive systems, performance and standards. Development plays a key role in the production of technically advanced and innovative materials, aimed at meeting the needs of today Refinish industries by the technology of the future.

INDASA supplies the world of Refinish Industry through a partnership with a network of licensed partners, through which it offers training to work with the materials it produces, whose palette depends on the specificity of use. INDASA maintains innovation through innovation high position in the abrasive industry while meeting high standards for environmental protection, and actively working on implementing far-reaching programs to improve production processes and products

INDASE's sales program in Serbia includes circular paper in several quality, abrasive paper for dispensing, abrasive paper on rolls with paper and sponge pads, waterproof and coarse papers, film sanding papers, polishing sponges, grinding machines and accompanying materials.

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