Roberlo kronox 3100 UHS

Venerable low voc of new generation.
Excellent balance between finishing quality, ease of application and drying time.

This varnish must be used with a ratio of 3: 1 plus a 5-10% VOC PLUS additive so that the technician can adapt the mixture to his taste and his way of working. This will greatly facilitate its immediate adaptation to the product.

Another novelty that brings the Kronox 3100 is its 3-liter container. This format is easier to use and generates a greater renewal of the product and consequently fewer problems caused by packaging open during excessive time.

In addition, the exclusive design of the new packaging allows you to work more comfortably and with greater control of the dosage of the product. Also with regard to transport and storage issues, the new container is much more resistant and safe.

Its catalysts are K34 (slow), K35 (standard), K36 (fast) and K38 (ultra fast). We want to make a special mention to its catalyst K38 which will achieve a great speed of drying with a high level of finishing and hardness.

Kronox 3100 also has other relevant advantages for the workshop:

  • Fast drying in the dust
  • Great hardness
  • Resistance to humidity
  • Excellent behavior at any temperature

Catalitzadors: K34, K35, K36 i K38.