Mipa CC 9

Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlack CC 9 is a VOC-compliant High-Solid acrylic clearcoat for full and partial paintworks on cars and commercial vehicles and provides a particularly brilliant finish and an optimal flow on solvent- or water-based basecoats. Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlack CC 9 assures a very fast surface drying and complete curing during both oven drying and drying at room temperature. Another major advantage is the very slow increase in viscosity after the addition of hardener.

After adding the hardener, Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlack CC 9 provides a constant spray viscosity up to one hour (in combination with the Mipa hardener 2K-HS-Härter HS 25 and HS 35), whereas common, fast drying clearcoats become quite quickly thicker after the addition of hardener that leads subsequently to a defective flow of the clearcoat.

Long-lasting paintworks are therefore easy to realise with optimum clearcoat flow. This leads to reliable application behaviour and the risk of paint defects is significantly reduced.

Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlack CC 9 can be polished optimally immediately after force drying and presents high resistance to all kind of weathering as well as to chemical and mechanical strains. Also suitable as protective topcoat for neon colours (daylight fluorescent colours). Easy and reliable processing under all climatic conditions.

Spreading rate: 10,0 - 12,0 m²/l