Mipa 4+1

Mipa 4+1 Acrylfiller HS has very good filling properties and is very easy to sand. This filler can be used as compact as well as high-build filler. The combination with Mipa 2K-Reaktivzusatz VR allows a very quick processing followed by heat-drying or drying at room temperature. This offers saving potentials in terms of spray booth occupancy, stoving times as well as working time. It is also suitable to fill partial areas (Spot repair) without sinkage or visible marks in the outer rim.

Another application option when using Mipa 2K Reaktivzusatz VR is the wet-on-wet application, after which the surface can be overcoated after only a very short intermediate drying of only 10 minutes at room temperature.

Spreading rate: 5,0 - 6,0 m²/l (for 50 - 80 μm DFT)