Mipa 2K Multifiler

Mipa 2K-Multifiller is a fast drying, multi-purpose sanding and wet-on-wet filler in one.

Universal adhesion: applicable directly on steel, iron, aluminium and zinced substrates as well as on commonly used plastics in the automotive industry (.e.g. PP-EPDM, ABS, PC, ABS-PC, PMMA, PUR, PVC and GRP). Furthermore, it is possible to overcoat intact, sound cataphoretic coatings without any pre-sanding.

Mipa 2K-Multifiller can be overcoated without intermediate sanding within 5 days.

Universal application: it can be used as sanding filler as well as wet-on-wet filler.

This product combines the characteristics of sanding filler, wet-on-wet filler and filler for plastics. A lot of different fillers and their additives are replaced by one product and this leads to a simplification of routines in paint shops. Recoatable with Mipa 1K and 2K lacquers.