Mipa P 20

Mipa P 20 is a laminating resin that cures quickly with benzoyl peroxide hardener. In combination with glass fabric, glass mat or unwoven fibre glass it is a high performance system to repair easily and quickly larger holes in GRP parts and car body sheets. Mipa P 20 is also available as set (Mipa P 20 Reparatur-Set) which contains the glass fabric, brush and mixing cup. Mipa P 20 and Mipa P 20 Reparatur-Set are designed to repair larger holes in car body sheets. Because of its good adhesion on iron and GRP it can be applied universally. Mipa P 20 is therefore perfectly suitable as joining material for both substrates for example when widening wings or assembling other parts. Tuning or other modifications to vehicles are subject to approval! Also suitable for wooden substrates.